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One of Frequently Asked Questions asked by customer willing to buy new construction equipment is:

- Where shall I put my old machine?


Quite often this machine is still running, even technically sound. However it has obsolete design and do not correspond neither to increased requirements nor new image of the company anymore.


Another FAQ, - where can I purchase used, but still reliable construction equipment?

Very often new companies or companies, which are just starting new activities and aren’t completely sure if they will manage fully load new expensive equipment.


There were some individual efforts to solve this problem however all of us was missing specialised professional Lithuanian website dedicated to used construction equipment.


Decision to create such website wasn’t spontaneous. Creation wasn’t easy. Naudota.lt (naudota = used in Lithuanian)  it is a result of our careful work and 19 years of JSV Mastermann experience selling, renting and servicing construction machinery and equipment, as specialists of this company were highly involved into the creation of this website. Therefore we honestly believe that we have succeeded and for you it will be easy to use Naudota.lt And this website in the near future it will become your daily tool, helping to buy and sell used construction equipment.  


Sincerely Yours,

Naudota.lt team

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